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The PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin which guarantees exclusive rewards and features the debut of the Mercury Soldier Set is set to release soon. Not only this but along with it, PUBG Mobile is also set to introduce Upradable QBZ skin and other features. For players to obtain the Soldier Set and the QBZ skin, they will be required to participate in the Lethal Adaptability Lucky Spin using UC (Unknown Cash). The event would provide an opportunity for players to engage with new content and enhance their appearance and weaponry in the game. 

The update by PUBG Mobile aims to enhance players’ experience with impressive and action-packed gameplay through tailor-made characters and weapon skins. Here’s what the PUBG Mobile aims to introduce with the new update. 

Mercury Soldier Set: The Mercury Soldier Set would bring a radiant style to the gameplay and enable players to customise their characters with vibrant colours and intricate details. This set is designed for male and female characters and is expected to provide a unique visual appeal on the battlegrounds. 

Upgradable QBZ Skin-Fatal Fail QBZ- The Upragdable QBZ skin will be introduced for the QBZ assault rifle. The new skin would allow players to personalise and customise their QBZ and add an extra layer of personal touch to their gameplay experience. 

The Lethal Adaptability Lucky Spin event will run from May 24 to June 25. During this time, players would be able to earn exclusive rewards, which include the new Mercury Soldier Set and a firearm skin for the QBZ. There are a few conditions where players can get the updated features, which are: 

  • Players should navigate to the game's interface when the Shades of Fantasy Lucky Spin event is live. 
  • Locate and click on the Lethal adaptability Lucky Spin banner. 
  • Use UC to participate in the lucky spin. 
  • Spin the wheel to earn rewards.