Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

In August 2022, PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball, one of the most well-known anime franchises in the world, made an official announcement for a great partnership. This partnership followed the one between Fortnite and Dragon Ball, which gave the game anime-inspired character skins. However, the company had confirmed that the partnership won't be playable in the popular mobile battle royale game until 2023. 

But now that 2023 is here, the popular battle royale game confirmed Dragon Ball’s collaboration and have posted several hints via social media. The update is expected to be inducted in the 2.7 update, which is likely to roll out any time during this month. Goku and Vegeta are confirmed to make appearances in the game.



Along with events and themed products like skins and emotes, the integration will also include a battle royale mode with Dragon Ball-themed vehicles and weapons.

The Ranked Erangle map will now include the New Dragon Ball theme mode. By obtaining different power balls from the specified areas on the map, one can get superpowers like flying, super speed, reflexes, and many more during the game.

Dragon Ball Villages will be indicated on the map, and from there players will be able to obtain unique dragon balls and other balls to develop superpowers. It will also feature the Kame House, which is a residence situated on a tiny island in the midst of the ocean. It is Master Roshi's home in the Dragon Ball anime series. In the game, these homes can be found on beaches.