Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

The latest update in the PUBG mobile includes various customization options and mainly the newest addition, the Ace League. Krafton recently announced PUBG New State, Ace League tryouts. Players will be allowed to participate for two hours daily in the Ace League according to Krafton. Players only from, and above the diamond V tier will be allowed to participate in the Ace League.

The league schedule for tryouts will begin on May 13 and will go on till May 19 for two hours daily. The finals of the league will be held on the weekend of May 20 and May 21, for two hours on both of those days. The Ace League will be conducted only in the third-person-perspective (TPP) squad mode. The Target Battle Royale Map will change every day and is balanced for the Ace League.

Here are all the details of PUBG New State: Ace League Tryouts

League Schedule

  • Tryouts: May 13 to 19 - For 2 Hours Daily
  • Finals: May 20 to 21 - For 2 Hours Daily


  • Tryouts: Tier Points 3000 (DIAMOND V) or Higher
  • Finals: Tier Points 3000 (DIAMOND V) or Higher, Finals Entrance Ticket

Contest Type

  • Conducted in TPP SQUAD Mode
  • The Target Battle Royale Map Changes Each Day and is Balanced for Ace League

Winning Prize

  • Tryouts: Prestige Coin, Finals Entrance Ticket
  • Finals: Prestige Coin, Ace League Winner Title

Prestige coins and the title of ‘Ace League winner’ will be given to the winners of the Ace League. To join the first preliminary round of the Ace League, the player must have tier points above 3000, i.e. diamond tier or higher. In order to join the main round, the player will require the main round ticket. To qualify for the preliminary rounds, 3000 points are acceptable irrespective of the format and type, i.e. FPP/TPP or solo, duo, or squad.

Hence, as long as the player meets the requirement of 3000 points in any mode, he/she can qualify for the preliminary round. Only The winners in the preliminary round will be awarded the main round ticket.