Amidst another entertaining IPL season, Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has once again broken the internet. But this time it isn’t for his incredible cricketing feats, instead Kohli has gone viral as an exam question is based on his ODI stats in a Computer Engineering exam surfaced on social media.

This question was originally by a die-hard Virat Kohli fan Deepesh Kumar from an exam for the second year Computer Engineering students at Shiv Nadar University in Chennai. The question included a table of Kohli’s number of runs in ODIs in each year since 2008 and asked the students to predict and find out how many runs Kohli will score in 2023 in approximately 23 innings.

The question said, “The above table depicts the runs scored by Virat Kohli over the years, Considering the innings and number of runs scored, find the equation of the line of best fit for the above data. Also, assuming Virat plays 23 innings in the year 2023, predict the runs he will score.”

Check out the question here:

The tweet with this Computer Engineering question has gone viral with fans generating over 236.2K views. Reacting to this question, some fans gave their predictions while others were in awe of Kohli’s popularity and called him the face of world cricket. 

Here are some of these reactions: