Question related to Babar Azam mentioned in Pakistan's school syllabus

However, in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2022, Azam struggled to score runs for Pakistan.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 13 September 2022 09:13 PM


Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam is among the top cricketers in the world. The right-handed batter boasts of a great batting technique and is praised for his beautiful shots. Among many famous cricketing shots is Babar Azam's cover drive. The batter is considered one of the best drivers of the cricket ball. The popularity of Azam’s cover drive is not just limited to the cricket field in the country, it has spread beyond that too. 

An example of this was seen when a question related to Babar Azam's cover drive was mentioned in the physics syllabus (federal board) for 9th grade.

In a picture going viral on the internet, a textbook is shown with the question “Babar Azam has hit a cover drive by given kinetic energy 150 J to the ball by his bat. (a) At what speed the ball will go to the boundary if the mass of the ball is 120 g? (b) How much kinetic energy a footballer must impart to a football of mass 450g to make it move at this speed?”

Babar Azam ends Asia Cup 2022 on a disappointing note

Babar has tasted success across formats as he is among the top three batters in all three formats. While he is the No.1 ranked ODI batter, Azam acquires the second position in ICC Men’s T20I rankings. The batter is ranked third in Tests. He has been piling up runs in all three formats. However, in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2022, Azam struggled to score runs for Pakistan. 

The 27-year-old had a distraught outing as he managed only 68 ruins in six matches. The Pakistan captain managed 10(9), 9(8), 14(10), 0(1), 30(29), and 5(6) in the six innings he played. His aim to lift third Asia Cup title for Pakistan was also quashed as Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in the final to win their sixth Asia Cup. 


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