Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal took to instagram yesterday (Friday, April 21) to give an update on his injury which he suffered while playing in Australia. The 22-time grand slam winner posted a long video of 2 min 18 secs on Instagram in which he speaks about his recovery progress of the injury in Spanish language. He gives a special update to his Spanish fans as they have missed watching him play in two of the home tournaments.

The exact translation of the video is given below.   

Hello everyone. Been a while since I communicated with you guys directly. It's been a

rough few weeks and months. As you know I suffered a major injury in Australia, in the Psoas. Initially it had a six to eight week recovery period and we're on to number fourteen now. The reality is that the situation is not what we had hoped for. All medical directions have been followed, but somehow evolution has not been what we were initially told and we find ourselves in a situation that is difficult. 

The weeks are passing and I had the illusion of being able to play in tournaments that are the most important in my career such as Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma, Roland Garros and at the moment I have missed Monte Carlo and Barcelona and won't be able to be in Madrid unfortunately. The injury is still unhealed and I can't work what I need to to compete. I was training, but now a few days ago we decided to change course a bit,

do another treatment and see if things improve to try and get to what comes. I can't give deadlines because if I knew I would tell you all but I don't know.

This is the current situation. I also want to send a special greeting to all the fans of Madrid and Spain because I have missed the two tournaments that are played here at home. You all know what it means to me to play these tournaments and in this case in Madrid that I will not be able to play it with everything that I had given. All I have left is to try to keep the right attitude all this time, try to give myself a chance to compete in some of the tournaments left in the season and I have no choice but to work and be with the right mindset. A very strong hug to everyone and as soon as I have news I will inform you.

Thank you!