Spanish Tennis legend Rafael Nadal is set to miss the upcoming 2023 edition of the French Open. Nadal has been majorly away from pro-circuit with multiple injuries. This development was reported by tennis journalist José Morgado, who was attending the press conference held by the Spanish star.

The Portuguese journalist stated that Nadal will be missing  Roland Garros and is set to take some months to recover.  Morgado also stated that   Nadal still hopes to make a comeback and return by the Davis Cup.

José Morgado's report stated, " OFFICIAL: Rafa Nadal will miss Roland Garros and take some months out.  He announces that he will stop for a few months and doesn’t know when he will come back.  The good news is: Nadal still plans to come back, with the Davis Cup Finals later this year as a potential first goal."

Confirming his absence from Roland Garros, Nadal was quoted saying that he is still dealing with the injury he suffered during the Australian Open earlier this year. He said,  “I’m not going to be able to play Roland Garros. We were not able to find the solution to the problem I had in Australia,” Nadal revealed in a press conference.

He further spoke about how his body has been dealing with multiple issues which still needs a lot of time to recover. He said,  “Last four months have been difficult. Not going to be able to play at Roland Garros. Real situation was that … after pandemic, body was not able to hold practices and diary work. Too many problems. Having to stop due to physical issues. My decision is to stop. Stop for a while. may be month and half maybe four months. Not a person to predict. Don’t want to put myself in a position to say one thing and do another thing. Next year is going to be my last year on professional tour. That’s my idea.”