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Indian wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant was involved in a horrific car accident while travelling from Delhi to Roorkee earlier of December 30. Pant was rescued by a local driver, who made sure that the Indian cricketer safely escaped the car which caught fire. The Delhi Capitals star suffered injuries on the head, along with a ligament injury on his right ankle as per Police statements. 

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After the horrific accident, Pant was rescued by a bystander who was unaware of who he had saved. The name of this person was Sunil, a bus driver with Haryana Roadways. Sunil saw Pant’s car crash into the divider when he stopped his bus and immediately jumped out to save the person.

He then pulled Pant out of the car with help of the bus conductor and consoled him. Sunil later asked if there were others in the car. While talking to SportsTak, he said, “The car was in the second lane and it was completely shattered. I immediately applied brakes and jumped out of the window and ran. I saw that person was half out of the car. I was holding his hand when the conductor also came along. We made him lay outside. We thought he had died. I saw that the car had caught fire. I went towards the car and started checking whether someone was still inside. I asked him, brother, is there any person inside the car? He said that I was the only one. Later he told me that I am Rishabh Pant.”

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Later Sunil revealed that Rishabh Pant’s clothes were all torn apart after the accident and hence he took a sheet from a passenger to cover him up. As Sunil assisted Pant, the conductor called an ambulance which arrived in about 15 minutes. Sunil also talked about how Pant was covered in blood and the skin on his back and waist was peeled. 

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He said, “There were no clothes on his body. We took a sheet from one of our passengers and gave him a sheet."

"He later said that I have money in the car. We collected all the money that was scattered on the road and handed over around Rs 7,000. Then he was sitting in the ambulance. The conductor had called an ambulance. I called the police and the National Highway. There was no response from the National Highway. The ambulance arrived after 15 minutes. There was blood all over his face and he was flustered. The skin on his back and waist was peeled while he was limping on his feet”, Sunil said.