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Ryan Garcia leaked a video on YouTube featuring Davis Gervonta sparring with Devin Haney when the former was against the multiple world champion at the amateur age of just 16. Ahead of the much-anticipated showdown between King Ryan and Devin Haney on April 20, both professional boxers are playing mind games in a build-up to the clash.

The development came hours after the blatant press conference conducted in New York on Tuesday wherein Garcia threatened to “beat the f**k out”, which was targeted to Haney’s member of entourage followed by the champion accusing “King R’s” father of racism.

After a few hours, Garcia uploaded a video on YouTube showing how Haney was rocked by the Gervonta when the former was just an amateur in the boxing world. In the footage, it was seen that Devin was absorbing the storm by Boxing legend Davis at Flyod Maywheather’s gym in Las Vegas.

Watch Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney's sparring fight:

Ryan Garcia exposes Haney’s father's smoking habits

Earlier, The Flash had shared a video on his X (formerly Twitter) handle showing the leaked video of Haney’s father smoking a cigarette on a live video. It also followed the press conference saga on Tuesday when Devin alleged that he found a smell of alcohol in Garcia’s breath amidst their face-off.

The second press conference’s focus revolved around cannabis and the substance abuse by both the boxers. Before the presser, the provisional lightweight champion tried to shift the focus onto the smoking habits of Haney’s father and thus shared a video on his social media handle.

Watch the video here: