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Bryce Hall has called Ryan Garcia “the biggest crybaby fighter on planet earth” after getting threatened with a lawsuit for not paying $10k to his father. In 2021, Ryan Garcia's dad had trained Bryce Hall for his amateur boxing debut against Austin McBroom, but he didn’t receive his cut for the fight due to his protege getting scammed.

In the last few days, when Bryce Hall was embroiled in a back-and-forth with the UFC fighter Sean Strickland on X, Ryan Garcia jumped into the conversation, going after the social media personality. The KingRy was not too happy about Bryce Hall not paying his father the money he owed for three years, asking him to not dodge them.

In response, a video clip of Bryce Hall was posted online on the official X account of Happy Punch, in which he remarked, “Ryan Garcia has to be the biggest crybaby fighter on planet earth.” Hall stated that he wasn’t able to pay Garcia’s dad the share of his money for training him for his amateur boxing debut in 2021 due to getting “scammed” by his opponent McBroom.

Bryce Hall admitted to getting “paid a little,” but it wasn’t anywhere near the amount promised to him. Hall also told about the amount of money paid to Garcia for the fight, which he had received after a couple of years before asking him where to send it.

But Bryce Hall didn’t get a response from the KingRy for a year, and the same thing happened again a couple of days ago, when he messaged him about it. Hall also revealed that the amount of money he owes to Garcia’s father is just $10k, for which he is now being threatened with a lawsuit.

Watch Bryce Hall slam Ryan Garcia, calling him the biggest crybaby fighter here: