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Recently, Team India skipper Rohit Sharma starred in The Great Indian Kapil Show alongside his teammate, middle-order batter Shreyas Iyer. However, Rohit Sharma revealed several incidents from the Indian team dressing room and their on-field antics, Iyer also encountered some questions around his injury and the much-talked about, his absence from the domestic circuit.

But with his return to competitive cricket lately, Iyer seems to be a happy man. In one of his interactions on The Kapil Sharma show, which went live on Saturday, April 6 on Netflix, Kapil, the host of the show asked Iyer that whether he checks the camera after his inning as the cameraman focuses on young girls, who are often seen with “Shreyas Marry Me!” posters.

Replying to this, the KKR captain quickly made a bold confession, recalling an incident from his first IPL season. “During my first year in the IPL, I noticed a very beautiful girl sitting in the stands and I waved hello to her. This happened many years ago. At that time Facebook was very popular. I was hoping to get a message and kept checking. That is the only incident that happened to me,” Iyer replied.

Rohit has been my idol: Shreyas Iyer

The 29-year-old Indian cricketer was also asked about his idol. On being asked to name a player he looked upon as a child, Iyer revealed it was Rohit Sharma. He further clarified that he did not pick Rohit because he is sitting next to him, but said, “Joke nahi kar raha hoon ya aise he butter up nahi kar raha hoon. But, Rohit bhai chote se idol rahe hai kyuki vo Mumbai se hai and mein bhi waha se hi hoon. Unko dekhte hue mai grow hua hoon.”

This not only left everyone present in splits, Rohit further went on to joke about it adding that the current crop of cricketer often talk bad things about him behind his back.  “Dressing room mein bahut gaaliya dete hai. Ye saamne abhi log hai, camera hai. Aajkal ke youngsters dangerous hai bahut,” Rohit replied, leaving everyone burst into laughter.