Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Countless fans were injured after a section of Santiago's Estadio Monumental stadium collapsed on Friday during an open training session hosted by Chilean club Colo Colo. The club’s open practices are referred to as the “Arengazo” and have been a club tradition where fans get to cheer their team inside the stadium ahead of important games. 

Colo Colo is set to face Universidad Catolica in a derby clash on Sunday. The local emergency services quickly reached the scene and Chilean newspaper La Tercera reported there were at least eight injuries after “a considerable number of supporters were improperly located on the structure, which caused it to collapse”. 

The video of the incident has gone viral where it can be clearly seen the weight of several fans cheering on the standing led to the collapse of the structure. Check the video of the incident here: 

Colo Colo released a statement addressing the incident wherein they talked about spectators climbing on an advertising structure that led to the collapse. "We regret the events that took place today... where a group of people did not respect the minimum standards of behaviour by climbing onto a structure for advertising, over which they jumped and caused part of it to collapse," read a part of the statement. "Unfortunately, some of those involved were injured and were taken to the nearest medical centre."

The club further added that they would remove the damaged structure to avoid a similar accident in the future. "We confirm our commitment and willingness to the authorities to continue making all necessary improvements to ensure the safety of our fans."