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Family court in New Delhi has recently asked Shikhar Dhawan's ex-wife, Aesha Mukerji to refrain  from posting anything defamatory or negative against the cricketer on social media or anything to the press to tarnish his image. 

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Patiala House Court Judge, Justice Harish Kumar, has asked Mukerji to share her grievances with the authorities in India and Australia if she has any issues with Dhawan. The order passed by the judge said that the reputation of a person is important to everyone and hence, one doesn’t have the right to malign it.

Justice Harish Kumar said, “Reputation of a person is dear to everyone and is considered as the property of highest degree because materialistic property can be regained after loss but reputation cannot be regained once damaged. Therefore, it has got to be protected. However, it is equally true that if anyone has lawful grievance against someone, he or she cannot be restrained from venting out his or her grievance to concerned authority.” 

Further, Justice Harish Kumar stated that as things are in the public domain, Mukerji cannot spread any personal information in the public domain or with friends or relatives about Dhawan. Hence, Mukerji must contact the relevant authorities if she has some further issues.

“Therefore, in these circumstances, she is hereby restrained till further order from circulating any of her grievance against Dhawan or her version of the dispute involved herein or the alleged defamatory and false material against him, to social media, to print media or to any other' forum or to friends, relatives or colleagues of the parties,” the judge added.

Talking further about the case, Dhawan's advocate, Aman Hingorani filed a plea stating the cricketer was accused of mistreating Mukerji by not providing a suitable allowance to her. However, Dhawan's lawyer stated the cricketer has been sending an amount of Australian $17,500 per month (inclusive of mortgage payments) along with payment of school fees and beyond to her on a regular basis.

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