SHOCKING: Dominik attacks his own father Rey Mysterio during Thanksgiving dinner

WWE took to Twitter and uploaded a video where Dominik was seen alongside Rhea Ripley.

Prithvi MishraAuthor

Updated - 25 November 2022 05:07 PM


Throughout the history of WWE, fans have witnessed multiple betrayals. Dominik Mysterio turned on his own flesh and blood when he attacked Rey Mysterio, his father, and joined the heelish stable The Judgement Day.

Dominik’s recent actions have been troublesome for the Master of the 619. WWE took to Twitter and uploaded a video where Dominik was seen alongside Rhea Ripley. The duo are sharing a rather peculiar relationship as Dominik often calls Ripley as ‘Mami’. Dominik went to his parent's house as a guest for Thanksgiving.

However, the Mysterios were in shock when they saw Dominik alongside ‘The Eradicator’. The door was initially answered by his mother Angie, and he introduced the former RAW Women's Champion to her.

Soon, the former WWE Champion, Rey Mysterio addressed the situation, and things started to heat up. While Mysterio was asking the duo to leave. At a moment’s notice, both the Raw superstars started attacking Rey Mysterio. Dominik wreaked havoc on his own family, and attacked Rey’s injured leg.

During the brawl, Dominik took some time and explored his family photos while mocking his own father. Furthermore, the former Tag Team champion hit Rey Mysterio with a broomstick, re-injuring his leg in the process. In the end, The Judgment Day’s members were laughing while Mysterio was laying on the ground.

The Judgement Day has been a menacing stable, and their attacking tactics have a lot of similarities with Nexus. While Finn Balor is the leader of the group, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio have their own thing going on.

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