Addressing his newest venture outside Formula 1, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc took to Twitter and spoke about the new song which was seen on multiple new music platforms. Countless reports about Leclrec dropping a new song called 'AUS23 1:1' surfaced along with a link taking fans to a pre-order page.

But since then the song was taken off Spotify causing an uproar among fans as they were excited to hear the Monegasque driver’s new track. Following this, Leclerc took to his personal Twitter handle to apologize to the fans and said his team is working on it and they will get the song back to the platform soon. After which the song was back on the platform.

The speculations about Charles Leclerc creating new music came after a recent video released by Formula 1 with the 2023 class of drivers. In the video drivers are playing 'Never Have I Ever and in one section, the drivers were asked, "Never have I ever recorded a song". 

To question the Monegasque responded by saying he has been working on it privately and is making music for himself. Charles Leclerc said,  "I am doing it now. It‘s not going to be public, I mean I am just doing it for myself, I am trying to produce songs."

But outside this fun and banter of the tracks, the 2023 season hasn’t panned out well for Charles Leclerc and Ferrari. The Prancing Horse sits fourth in the constructor’s championship race behind Red Bull, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Whereas the Monegasque is placed 10th in the Drivers’ Championship with just six points from the first three races.