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YouTube star turned Pro Boxer Jake Paul issued an apology to popstar Drake, who lost $400,000 after betting on his fight with Tommy Fury. Paul suffered his first loss as Fury registered a victory on a split decision. The eight-round bout took place at Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. 

The fight went the distance and two judges voted in favour of Fury the with the same 76-73 score while the third official had it 75-74 for Paul. This was enough for Fury to get the victory and improve his undefeated record to 9-0 in his career. Whereas Paul dropped to 6-1 overall.

In the post-fight interview, Paul was asked about Drake and his bet, to which the Michigan native reacted by jokingly blaming the Canadian rapper and then apologised for the loss and stating that 400,000  is nothing for him. He then spoke how about Drake can make his money back in the rematch against Tommy Fury.

He said, “F***! This is Drake's fault!' Paul said, laughing. Drake, bro, why did you do this to me? 'No, it's my fault. 400,000 is nothing to him - he has won a lot more money betting on me before. He's probably about even now. Sorry, Drake, I’m going to get that W in the rematch. I’ve already won every single way in life. I made it farther than I ever thought I would, and beyond. This is a humbling experience. I’ll take it on the chin and come back.”

Addressing the fight, Jake Paul stated he wasn’t fully fit for the bout. He spoke about feeling ‘flat’ and promised to make a stronger comeback. “Honestly, I felt flat,” Paul said. “I got sick twice really bad in this camp, injured my arm. It wasn’t my best performance but I lost. Not making any excuses. I’m just saying it wasn’t my best performance. I felt a little flat. Like I said, we’re going to come back and get that ‘W’. I’m going to come back stronger.

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