Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Luis Rubiales has been banned from going within 200 meters of footballer Jenni Hermoso after a judge held up a request from Spanish prosecutors on Friday, September 15. Rubiales appeared in court on the sexual assault charges for kissing Hermoso on the lips after the World Cup final earlier.

Prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Rubiales after Hermoso decided to make a formal complaint on charges of sexual assault and coercion. Rubiales arrived at Spain's Audiencia Nacional, its national court, accompanied by his attorney, Olga Tubau, and denied any wrongdoing during the hearing.

Judge Francisco de Jorge was asked by prosecutors to bar Rubiales from approaching within 500 meters (1,600 feet) of Jenni Hermoso or from communicating with her, and the judge agreed to the order but restricted it to 200 meters (650 feet). They also requested that Rubiales appear before the judge every 15 days while the investigation continues. 

"We maintain what we've said from the beginning. It was a non-consensual kiss," Hermoso's lawyer, Carla Vall i Duran, told reporters later. "Thanks to the [images of the kiss], the entire world, the entire country, has been able to observe there was no type of consent. And we are going to prove that in the courtroom.”

Rubiales is facing a sexual assault charge, which carries a prison term of between one and four years. Last Sunday, the FA President finally gave in to the pressure to resign, citing the decision of FIFA to initiate disciplinary proceedings against him and impose a 90-day suspension as well as the potential effects of the scandal on Spain's bid to host the 2030 Men's World Cup.

The women’s football players in Spain, including the World Cup-winning squad, would continue their boycott of the national side until their changes in the federation set-up. Spain Women’s squad have also confirmed via a statement that they will not return to the national team for September’s Nations League fixtures.