Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Krafton's BGMI continues to enthrall gamers with its novel features and dynamic gameplay. The Starsea Admiral AKM skin is one of the newest arrivals that has the gaming world buzzing with excitement. 

It was made available in Cycle 4 Season 12 as a piece of the Starsea Admiral crate. It includes a blue and white colour scheme with unique on-hit effects like a fish swimming across the screen and water splashing. Players are eager to add this striking skin to their collections since it has elevated the aesthetics of the game to a whole new level.

The Starsea Admiral AKM skin not only changes the way the AKM weapon looks, but it also has a few special performance features. The skin is a visual treat with its streamlined design and lively cosmic hues. 

The AKM skin has an impressive 49 damage per hit and can also fire at a stunning rate of 5.5. The bullet spread is 60, while reloading the gun equipped with the Starsea Admiral skin takes 4.5 seconds without any attachments. 

The Starsea Admiral AKM's enhanced stability and accuracy in terms of stats give players a competitive edge in stressful battleground confrontations. Reloads and firing are given some flair by its own animations, drawing one further into the action. But like every good thing, the skin has its own disadvantages too.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the skin.


Stunning visual: The skin's captivating design shines out in the game and enables to make a strong statement on the battlefield.
Enhanced performance: The improved steadiness and precision can help hit those important shots and win battles.
Special animations: The custom reload and fire animations add to the overall gaming experience in addition to looking nice.


Cost: Players must commit a sizeable sum of in-game currency or actual money in order to purchase high-quality skins.
Personal Preference: Some players might prefer a more understated, sleek or strategic look for their weaponry, which could make the showy design less enticing.