stephen curry book launch nba

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NBA star Stephen Curry launched his new book ‘I am Extraordinary’, in an initiative to help the hearing-impaired kids find their inner confidence. The Golden State Warriors icon revealed that the book revolves around the story of a self-conscious hearing-impaired girl who finds motivation to join her school’s football team with the help of her friends. Not only this, but Curry himself made an appearance in the second book after the character Zoe gets to play soccer. 

Curry spoke with CBS News and revealed the inspiration behind the book; he said, “Coming off of the first book, 'I Have a Superpower,' we are always obviously trying to create amazing storytelling for kids that can inspire confidence and embracing how unique they are.” He added, "Coming up through basketball and I didn't pass the eye test. I was called like a late bloomer, but it was about developing confidence in who I was, developing a work ethic and not getting deterred by failure along the way.” 

Steph announced the release of his second book in an X post as he wrote, “I never take these moments or opportunities for granted! With that said, happy to announce the release of, “I am Extraordinary,” my second picture book.” While not many know about it, the book and story have a direct connection with former US President Barack Obama. 

Stephen and Obama are golf buddies and in 2010 the latter introduced a bill to help blind and hearing-impaired people. Obama said, “We’ve come a long way but even today, after all the progress. Americans with disabilities are still measured by what folks think they can’t do, instead of what we know they can do.”