Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Stephen A. Smith, an American sports journalist, has slammed former adult film star Moriah Mills for making threats to Zion Williamson about leaking their sex tapes. The controversies surrounding the power forward for the New Orleans Pelicans began after the announcement that he and his girlfriend Ahkeema are expecting a baby girl, to be born in November this year.

From the moment onwards, Mills started sharing screenshots about certain conversations with Williamson on Twitter, alleging a relationship with him. Then, the 31-year-old actress tweeted that she has sex tapes of herself with the NBA star, which she plans to release online soon. This led to Twitter taking action on her social media account, banning it under an “unspecified violation” of its rules.

During the recent episode of his podcast show, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” the 55-year-old host addressed the sex threat tapes made by Moriah Mills firstly. He was quoted as saying, “On Monday, this woman actually threatened to release a homemade adult tape of herself and Williamson.”

Smith then turned his attention to the comments from Mills about requesting Pelicans to trade their power forward.

The NBA broadcaster said, “She later wrote, ‘Trade him now, he doesn't deserve to be in New Orleans, sex tape's dropping soon.’ Why would he not deserve to be in New Orleans? Do we have a bunch of monks running around New Orleans? Is the Pope residing there, and somebody forgot too tell us? Why would that be cause to pause? Why would that be a reason to trade Zion Williamson? Moriah Mills, what is wrong with you? Respectfully, seriously, what's wrong with you?”

“He plays basketball for a living. He hooked up with you in private, allegedly, supposedly. And because he's with somebody else, you gonna go through all of this? No wonder Twitter banned her,” Smith took a stance for Williamson’s immediate career in the NBA while sarcastically referring to the Twitter account ban for Mills.