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Arsenal defender  Oleksandr Zinchenko was asked whether he would join the war against Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the 27-year-old Ukrainian stated that he would join the war if he was called up. Reacting to the statement, former Tottenham and Nottingham Forest defender Serge Auries called out Zinchenko on social media and asked him to stop his show and join the war "right no w".

In February 2022,  Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and Zinchenko donated around £1million to help the affected in his country. On being asked about him joining the conflict in Ukraine, Zinchenko told BBC Newsnight last week, "I think it's a clear answer. I would go (to fight)."

His statement grabbed the attention of Galatasaray defender Serge Auries, who urged the Arsenal defender to back up his claim and join the war in Ukraine. Aurier took to his Snapchat handle and wrote, "Zinchenko is ready to fight if Ukraine calls. Go now, barefoot. Stop your cinema and go there right now. A real volunteer doesn't need anyone to call him up."

Zinchenko said on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, "Since the invasion really few (have) texted me and sent me some messages and I can't blame them because this is not their fault. I cannot tell them, 'Guys, do the protests outside and all these things' because I know they can be in prison."

He added, "We will never forget what they have done to us, to our people. And that's what I will teach my kids as well. And my kids will teach their kids. This is not acceptable."