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Credit: Twitter

In the ongoing 4th Ashes Test between England and Australia at Manchester, Stuart Broad becomes the fifth bowler to complete the milestone of picking 600 wickets in Test cricket. Today he became the second pacer after Anderson to pick 600 wickets in Test cricket by dismissing Travis Head today. Here in this article, we will have a look at the list of all 600 wickets taken by Stuart Broad.

Most wickets in Test cricket:
Muralitharan - 800
Shane Warne - 708
James Anderson - 688
Anil Kumble - 619
Stuart Broad - 600

Most wickets for England vs Australia in Tests:
Stuart Broad - 149
Ian Botham - 148
Bob Willis - 128
James Anderson - 115
Wilfred Rhodes - 109

Stuart Broad has become leading wicket-taker for England vs Australia in Tests.

Stuart Broad's milestone wickets in Test Cricket:
1st Test Wicket -
Chaminda Vaas (SL) at Colombo (SSC), 2007
50th Test Wicket -Brad Haddin (AUS) at Lord's, 2009
100th Test Wicket - Thisara Perera (SL) at Cardiff, 2011
150th Test Wicket - Denesh Ramdin (WI) at Lord's, 2012
200th Test Wicket - Michael Clarke (AUS) at Manchester, 2013
250th Test Wicket - MS Dhoni (IND) at Lord's, 2014
300th Test Wicket - Chris Rogers (AUS) at Birmingham, 2015
350th Test Wicket - Yasir Shah (PAK) at Lord's, 2016
400th Test Wicket - Tom Latham (NZ) at Auckland, 2018
450th Test Wicket - David Warner (AUS) at Birmingham, 2019
500th Test Wicket - Kraigg Brathwaite (WI) at Manchester, 2020
550th Test Wicket - Mohammed Shami (IND) at Birmingham, 2022
600th Test Wicket - Travis Head (AUS) at Manchester, 2023

List of wickets taken by Stuart Broad in Test Cricket:

BatterHow outFielderRunsInnsOppositionGroundStart Date
WPUJC VaascaughtIR Bell42v Sri LankaColombo (SSC)9 Dec 2007
BB McCullumcaughtAJ Strauss252v New ZealandWellington13 Mar 2008
MD BellcaughtTR Ambrose294v New ZealandWellington13 Mar 2008
SP Flemingbowled314v New ZealandWellington13 Mar 2008
LRPL TaylorcaughtTR Ambrose22v New ZealandNapier22 Mar 2008
TG SoutheecaughtKP Pietersen52v New ZealandNapier22 Mar 2008
JS PatelcaughtMS Panesar42v New ZealandNapier22 Mar 2008
MS SinclaircaughtTR Ambrose64v New ZealandNapier22 Mar 2008
GD ElliottcaughtIR Bell44v New ZealandNapier22 Mar 2008
LRPL TaylorcaughtPD Collingwood191v New ZealandLord's15 May 2008
JAH MarshallcaughtAJ Strauss241v New ZealandLord's15 May 2008
JM HowcaughtAN Cook683v New ZealandLord's15 May 2008
KD MillscaughtKP Pietersen12v New ZealandNottingham5 Jun 2008
IE O'Brienbowled02v New ZealandNottingham5 Jun 2008
AJ RedmondcaughtTR Ambrose23v New ZealandNottingham5 Jun 2008
LRPL Taylorlbw143v New ZealandNottingham5 Jun 2008
HM AmlacaughtTR Ambrose62v South AfricaLord's10 Jul 2008
MV Boucherbowled42v South AfricaLord's10 Jul 2008
AB de VillierscaughtA Flintoff1742v South AfricaLeeds18 Jul 2008
M MorkelcaughtIR Bell171v South AfricaThe Oval7 Aug 2008
A NelcaughtTR Ambrose41v South AfricaThe Oval7 Aug 2008
ND McKenziebowled293v South AfricaThe Oval7 Aug 2008
PL HarriscaughtA Flintoff343v South AfricaThe Oval7 Aug 2008
M NtinicaughtPD Collingwood23v South AfricaThe Oval7 Aug 2008
V SehwagcaughtMJ Prior01v IndiaMohali19 Dec 2008
R Dravidbowled03v IndiaMohali19 Dec 2008
CH Gaylebowled1042v West IndiesKingston4 Feb 2009
XM Marshalllbw02v West IndiesKingston4 Feb 2009
S Chanderpaullbw202v West IndiesKingston4 Feb 2009
SJ BenncaughtAN Cook232v West IndiesKingston4 Feb 2009
BP NashcaughtMJ Prior552v West IndiesKingston4 Feb 2009
S ChanderpaulcaughtMJ Prior12v West IndiesSt John's15 Feb 2009
RO HindscaughtOA Shah64v West IndiesSt John's15 Feb 2009
RR Sarwanbowled1064v West IndiesSt John's15 Feb 2009
S ChanderpaulcaughtMJ Prior554v West IndiesSt John's15 Feb 2009
DBL PowellcaughtKP Pietersen02v West IndiesPort of Spain6 Mar 2009
BP NashcaughtPD Collingwood1092v West IndiesPort of Spain6 Mar 2009
FH EdwardscaughtMJ Prior82v West IndiesPort of Spain6 Mar 2009
CH Gaylebowled282v West IndiesLord's6 May 2009
RR SarwancaughtMJ Prior132v West IndiesLord's6 May 2009
D Ramdinbowled613v West IndiesLord's6 May 2009
FH EdwardscaughtTT Bresnan23v West IndiesLord's6 May 2009
BP NashcaughtAN Cook813v West IndiesLord's6 May 2009
S ChanderpaulcaughtMJ Prior232v West IndiesChester-le-Street14 May 2009
RR SarwancaughtTT Bresnan1002v West IndiesChester-le-Street14 May 2009
FH EdwardscaughtAJ Strauss112v West IndiesChester-le-Street14 May 2009
MJ ClarkecaughtMJ Prior832v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2009
MG JohnsoncaughtAN Cook42v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2009
BJ HaddincaughtAN Cook282v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2009
RT Pontingbowled384v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2009
MEK HusseycaughtMJ Prior643v AustraliaBirmingham30 Jul 2009
MJ NorthcaughtJM Anderson963v AustraliaBirmingham30 Jul 2009
RT Pontinglbw782v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
MEK Husseylbw102v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
MG JohnsoncaughtRS Bopara272v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
PM Siddlebowled02v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
SR Clarkbowled322v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
MJ NorthcaughtJM Anderson1102v AustraliaLeeds7 Aug 2009
SR Watsonlbw342v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
RT Pontingbowled82v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
MEK Husseylbw02v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
MJ ClarkecaughtIJL Trott32v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
BJ Haddinbowled12v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
SR Watsonlbw404v AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 2009
GC SmithcaughtMJ Prior01v South AfricaCenturion16 Dec 2009
JH KalliscaughtAN Cook43v South AfricaCenturion16 Dec 2009
AB de VillierscaughtIR Bell643v South AfricaCenturion16 Dec 2009
HM Amlalbw21v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
AB de VillierscaughtMJ Prior501v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
JH Kallisbowled33v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
AB de Villierslbw23v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
JP Duminybowled03v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
MV BouchercaughtMJ Prior293v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2009
MV Boucherlbw511v South AfricaCape Town3 Jan 2010
AG PrincecaughtGP Swann192v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2010
HM AmlacaughtMJ Prior752v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2010
AB de VillierscaughtPD Collingwood582v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2010
Imrul KayescaughtMJ Prior42v BangladeshChattogram12 Mar 2010
Junaid SiddiquecaughtSCJ Broad72v BangladeshChattogram12 Mar 2010
Abdur Razzaklbw14v BangladeshChattogram12 Mar 2010
Imrul KayescaughtST Finn121v BangladeshMirpur20 Mar 2010
Imrul Kayesbowled43v BangladeshMirpur20 Mar 2010
Mushfiqur Rahimbowled33v BangladeshMirpur20 Mar 2010
Danish Kaneriabowled72v PakistanNottingham29 Jul 2010
Salman ButtcaughtPD Collingwood84v PakistanNottingham29 Jul 2010
Azhar Alilbw04v PakistanNottingham29 Jul 2010
Imran FarhatcaughtMJ Prior01v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Azhar Alilbw01v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Zulqarnain HaidercaughtMJ Prior01v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Umar AmincaughtPD Collingwood231v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Mohammad AmircaughtAJ Strauss163v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Mohammad AsifcaughtKP Pietersen143v PakistanBirmingham6 Aug 2010
Kamran AkmalcaughtEJG Morgan102v PakistanThe Oval18 Aug 2010
Mohammad AmircaughtMJ Prior62v PakistanThe Oval18 Aug 2010
Yasir HameedcaughtGP Swann22v PakistanLord's26 Aug 2010
Mohammad Yousufbowled02v PakistanLord's26 Aug 2010
Imran FarhatcaughtAN Cook53v PakistanLord's26 Aug 2010
SM KatichcaughtAJ Strauss44v AustraliaBrisbane25 Nov 2010
BJ HaddincaughtST Finn561v AustraliaAdelaide3 Dec 2010
NLTC PereracaughtCT Tremlett251v Sri LankaCardiff26 May 2011
HAPW JayawardenecaughtMJ Prior1121v Sri LankaCardiff26 May 2011
NLTC PereracaughtIR Bell203v Sri LankaCardiff26 May 2011
RAS LakmalcaughtAN Cook03v Sri LankaCardiff26 May 2011
MF Maharooflbw22v Sri LankaLord's3 Jun 2011
DPMD JayawardenecaughtKP Pietersen254v Sri LankaLord's3 Jun 2011
UWMBCA WelegedaracaughtEJG Morgan71v Sri LankaSouthampton16 Jun 2011
DPMD JayawardenecaughtMJ Prior63v Sri LankaSouthampton16 Jun 2011
G Gambhirbowled152v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
A Mukundbowled492v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
SR TendulkarcaughtGP Swann342v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
P KumarcaughtAJ Strauss172v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
A Mukundbowled124v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
P Kumarbowled24v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
I Sharmalbw14v IndiaLord's21 Jul 2011
SR TendulkarcaughtAJ Strauss162v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
Yuvraj SinghcaughtMJ Prior622v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
MS DhonicaughtJM Anderson52v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
Harbhajan Singhlbw02v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
P Kumarbowled02v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
I SharmacaughtIR Bell32v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
R DravidcaughtMJ Prior64v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
S Sreesanthbowled04v IndiaNottingham29 Jul 2011
V SehwagcaughtMJ Prior01v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
SR TendulkarcaughtJM Anderson11v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
A MishracaughtMJ Prior41v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
MS DhonicaughtAJ Strauss771v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
P KumarcaughtRS Bopara403v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
I Sharmalbw03v IndiaBirmingham10 Aug 2011
VVS LaxmancaughtMJ Prior22v IndiaThe Oval18 Aug 2011
G GambhircaughtKP Pietersen102v IndiaThe Oval18 Aug 2011
MS DhonicaughtGP Swann33v IndiaThe Oval18 Aug 2011
RP SinghcaughtMJ Prior03v IndiaThe Oval18 Aug 2011
Taufeeq Umarbowled582v PakistanDubai (DSC)17 Jan 2012
Azhar AlicaughtMJ Prior12v PakistanDubai (DSC)17 Jan 2012
Umar GulcaughtEJG Morgan02v PakistanDubai (DSC)17 Jan 2012
Younis Khanbowled241v PakistanAbu Dhabi25 Jan 2012
Azhar Alibowled241v PakistanAbu Dhabi25 Jan 2012
Adnan Akmallbw91v PakistanAbu Dhabi25 Jan 2012
Misbah-ul-Haqlbw841v PakistanAbu Dhabi25 Jan 2012
Adnan AkmalcaughtAJ Strauss133v PakistanAbu Dhabi25 Jan 2012
Azhar AlicaughtMJ Prior11v PakistanDubai (DSC)3 Feb 2012
Younis KhancaughtMJ Prior41v PakistanDubai (DSC)3 Feb 2012
Mohammad Hafeezlbw131v PakistanDubai (DSC)3 Feb 2012
Adnan Akmallbw61v PakistanDubai (DSC)3 Feb 2012
Younis Khanlbw1273v PakistanDubai (DSC)3 Feb 2012
TM DilshancaughtAJ Strauss111v Sri LankaGalle26 Mar 2012
TM Dilshanbowled03v Sri LankaGalle26 Mar 2012
AB BarathcaughtJM Anderson421v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
MN SamuelscaughtJM Bairstow311v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
D RamdincaughtAJ Strauss61v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
DJG SammycaughtTT Bresnan171v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
KAJ RoachcaughtSCJ Broad61v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
FH EdwardscaughtMJ Prior21v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
ST GabrielcaughtGP Swann01v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
KOA PowellcaughtIR Bell83v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
MN SamuelscaughtGP Swann863v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
DJG SammycaughtMJ Prior373v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
KAJ RoachcaughtIR Bell43v West IndiesLord's17 May 2012
AB BarathcaughtJM Anderson01v West IndiesNottingham25 May 2012
KOA PowellcaughtJM Anderson331v West IndiesNottingham25 May 2012
S ChanderpaulcaughtIJL Trott113v West IndiesNottingham25 May 2012
AB de Villiersbowled471v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
AN PetersencaughtMJ Prior1821v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
M MorkelcaughtAN Cook191v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
AB de Villierslbw443v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
JP Duminylbw03v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
VD Philanderlbw63v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
JH KalliscaughtMJ Prior273v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
M MorkelcaughtAN Cook103v South AfricaLeeds2 Aug 2012
DW SteyncaughtGP Swann261v South AfricaLord's16 Aug 2012
AN Petersenlbw243v South AfricaLord's16 Aug 2012
DW SteyncaughtJWA Taylor93v South AfricaLord's16 Aug 2012
BJ Watlingbowled02v New ZealandDunedin6 Mar 2013
TG Southeebowled252v New ZealandDunedin6 Mar 2013
BB McCullumcaughtJM Anderson742v New ZealandDunedin6 Mar 2013
HD RutherfordcaughtAN Cook232v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
LRPL Taylorbowled02v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
KS WilliamsoncaughtSCJ Broad422v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
BJ WatlingcaughtMJ Prior602v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
N WagnercaughtMJ Prior02v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
TA BoultcaughtMJ Prior22v New ZealandWellington14 Mar 2013
HD RutherfordcaughtIR Bell03v New ZealandAuckland22 Mar 2013
LRPL Taylorlbw33v New ZealandAuckland22 Mar 2013
BB McCullumcaughtMJ Prior22v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
PG FultoncaughtMJ Prior14v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
HD Rutherfordbowled94v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
LRPL TaylorcaughtAN Cook04v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
KS WilliamsoncaughtST Finn64v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
BB McCullumlbw84v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
TG SoutheecaughtJE Root74v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
BP Martinbowled14v New ZealandLord's16 May 2013
TG Southeelbw192v New ZealandLeeds24 May 2013
BB McCullumcaughtMJ Prior202v New ZealandLeeds24 May 2013
PG FultoncaughtIR Bell54v New ZealandLeeds24 May 2013
BB McCullumcaughtSCJ Broad14v New ZealandLeeds24 May 2013
AC AgarcaughtGP Swann982v AustraliaNottingham10 Jul 2013
SR Watsonlbw464v AustraliaNottingham10 Jul 2013
MJ ClarkecaughtMJ Prior234v AustraliaNottingham10 Jul 2013
MJ Clarkelbw282v AustraliaLord's18 Jul 2013
MJ Clarkebowled1871v AustraliaManchester1 Aug 2013
CJL RogerscaughtMJ Prior123v AustraliaManchester1 Aug 2013
DA Warnerbowled32v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
UT KhawajacaughtMJ Prior02v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
MJ ClarkecaughtAN Cook62v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
SR WatsoncaughtMJ Prior682v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
RJ Harrislbw282v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
MJ Clarkebowled214v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
SPD Smithbowled24v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
BJ Haddinlbw44v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
RJ Harrislbw114v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
NM Lyonbowled84v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
PM SiddlecaughtJM Anderson234v AustraliaChester-le-Street9 Aug 2013
SR WatsoncaughtKP Pietersen1761v AustraliaThe Oval21 Aug 2013
BJ HaddincaughtMJ Prior03v AustraliaThe Oval21 Aug 2013
JP FaulknercaughtMJ Prior223v AustraliaThe Oval21 Aug 2013
SPD SmithcaughtGP Swann73v AustraliaThe Oval21 Aug 2013
RJ Harrisbowled13v AustraliaThe Oval21 Aug 2013
CJL RogerscaughtIR Bell11v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
SR WatsoncaughtGP Swann221v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
MJ ClarkecaughtIR Bell11v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
DA WarnercaughtKP Pietersen491v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
MG Johnsonbowled641v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
RJ HarriscaughtMJ Prior91v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
CJL RogerscaughtMA Carberry163v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
DA WarnercaughtMJ Prior1243v AustraliaBrisbane21 Nov 2013
DA WarnercaughtMA Carberry291v AustraliaAdelaide5 Dec 2013
GJ BaileycaughtGP Swann531v AustraliaAdelaide5 Dec 2013
BJ HaddincaughtMJ Prior1181v AustraliaAdelaide5 Dec 2013
SR WatsoncaughtGP Swann181v AustraliaPerth13 Dec 2013
GJ BaileycaughtKP Pietersen71v AustraliaPerth13 Dec 2013
MG JohnsoncaughtMJ Prior391v AustraliaPerth13 Dec 2013
SPD SmithcaughtIR Bell192v AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2013
RJ HarriscaughtJE Root62v AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2013
PM SiddlecaughtTT Bresnan02v AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2013
DA Warnerbowled161v AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2014
GJ BaileycaughtAN Cook11v AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2014
MJ ClarkecaughtJM Bairstow63v AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2014
GJ BaileycaughtSG Borthwick463v AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2014
DPMD Jayawardenelbw552v Sri LankaLord's12 Jun 2014
FDM KarunaratnecaughtSD Robson164v Sri LankaLord's12 Jun 2014
KMDN Kulasekaralbw14v Sri LankaLord's12 Jun 2014
HMRKB HerathcaughtMJ Prior14v Sri LankaLord's12 Jun 2014
KC SangakkaracaughtIR Bell791v Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 2014
LD ChandimalcaughtAN Cook451v Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 2014
RMS ErangacaughtMJ Prior01v Sri LankaLeeds20 Jun 2014
V KohlicaughtIR Bell11v IndiaNottingham9 Jul 2014
I Sharmabowled11v IndiaNottingham9 Jul 2014
V Kohlilbw83v IndiaNottingham9 Jul 2014
AM RahanecaughtMJ Prior243v IndiaNottingham9 Jul 2014
MS DhonicaughtMJ Prior11v IndiaLord's17 Jul 2014
B Kumarbowled361v IndiaLord's17 Jul 2014
AM RahanecaughtMJ Prior53v IndiaLord's17 Jul 2014
CA PujaracaughtJC Buttler242v IndiaSouthampton27 Jul 2014
M Vijaybowled352v IndiaSouthampton27 Jul 2014
B KumarcaughtGS Ballance192v IndiaSouthampton27 Jul 2014
G GambhircaughtJE Root41v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
CA PujaracaughtCJ Jordan01v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
R AshwincaughtSD Robson401v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
B Kumarbowled01v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
MS DhonicaughtCJ Jordan711v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
Pankaj Singhbowled01v IndiaManchester7 Aug 2014
CA Pujarabowled41v IndiaThe Oval15 Aug 2014
MS DhonicaughtCR Woakes821v IndiaThe Oval15 Aug 2014
AM RahanecaughtGS Ballance43v IndiaThe Oval15 Aug 2014
MN SamuelscaughtJC Buttler332v West IndiesNorth Sound13 Apr 2015
D RamdincaughtJC Buttler92v West IndiesNorth Sound13 Apr 2015
KC BrathwaitecaughtJE Root54v West IndiesNorth Sound13 Apr 2015
DM BravocaughtAN Cook351v West IndiesSt George's21 Apr 2015
D RamdincaughtJC Buttler311v West IndiesSt George's21 Apr 2015
JO HoldercaughtJC Buttler221v West IndiesSt George's21 Apr 2015
KAJ RoachcaughtJE Root11v West IndiesSt George's21 Apr 2015
DM BravocaughtJC Buttler693v West IndiesSt George's21 Apr 2015
D RamdincaughtJC Buttler132v West IndiesBridgetown1 May 2015
MN Samuelsbowled204v West IndiesBridgetown1 May 2015
MJ GuptillcaughtGS Ballance702v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
LRPL TaylorcaughtJC Buttler622v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
TA BoultcaughtJM Anderson02v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
TWM Lathamlbw04v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
LRPL Taylorlbw84v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
TA BoultcaughtMM Ali104v New ZealandLord's21 May 2015
LRPL Taylorlbw201v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
TWM LathamcaughtJE Root841v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
L RonchicaughtJM Anderson881v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
MJ HenrycaughtJC Buttler271v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
TA BoultcaughtA Lyth151v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
TWM LathamcaughtJC Buttler33v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
KS WilliamsoncaughtJC Buttler63v New ZealandLeeds29 May 2015
SR Watsonlbw302v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2015
MG JohnsoncaughtGS Ballance142v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2015
CJL RogerscaughtIR Bell104v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2015
SPD SmithcaughtIR Bell334v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2015
MJ ClarkecaughtBA Stokes44v AustraliaCardiff8 Jul 2015
CJL Rogersbowled1731v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2015
AC VogescaughtJC Buttler251v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2015
MR Marshbowled121v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2015
MG JohnsoncaughtJM Anderson151v AustraliaLord's16 Jul 2015
CJL Rogerslbw521v AustraliaBirmingham29 Jul 2015
MA StarccaughtJC Buttler111v AustraliaBirmingham29 Jul 2015
CJL Rogerslbw63v AustraliaBirmingham29 Jul 2015
CJL RogerscaughtAN Cook01v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
SPD SmithcaughtJE Root61v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
SE MarshcaughtIR Bell01v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
AC VogescaughtBA Stokes11v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
MJ ClarkecaughtAN Cook101v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
MA StarccaughtJE Root11v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
MG JohnsoncaughtJE Root131v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
NM LyoncaughtBA Stokes91v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
SPD SmithcaughtBA Stokes53v AustraliaNottingham6 Aug 2015
Younis KhancaughtAN Cook381v PakistanAbu Dhabi13 Oct 2015
Misbah-ul-Haqlbw1021v PakistanDubai (DSC)22 Oct 2015
Shoaib MalikcaughtJM Bairstow381v PakistanSharjah1 Nov 2015
Yasir ShahcaughtSR Patel71v PakistanSharjah1 Nov 2015
Younis Khanlbw143v PakistanSharjah1 Nov 2015
Misbah-ul-Haqlbw383v PakistanSharjah1 Nov 2015
Asad Shafiqbowled463v PakistanSharjah1 Nov 2015
S van Zylbowled02v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2015
HM AmlacaughtJM Bairstow72v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2015
AB de VillierscaughtJM Bairstow492v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2015
T Bavumabowled102v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2015
M Morkellbw84v South AfricaDurban26 Dec 2015
HM Amlabowled2012v South AfricaCape Town2 Jan 2016
Q de KockcaughtJM Anderson52v South AfricaCape Town2 Jan 2016
DJ VilascaughtMM Ali261v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
CH MorriscaughtJM Bairstow281v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
D ElgarcaughtJM Bairstow153v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
S van ZylcaughtBA Stokes113v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
AB de VillierscaughtJM Bairstow03v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
HM AmlacaughtJWA Taylor53v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
T Bavumabowled03v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
F du PlessiscaughtSCJ Broad143v South AfricaJohannesburg14 Jan 2016
AB de VillierscaughtJE Root01v South AfricaCenturion22 Jan 2016
T BavumacaughtJM Bairstow351v South AfricaCenturion22 Jan 2016
HM AmlacaughtJM Bairstow963v South AfricaCenturion22 Jan 2016
FDM KarunaratnecaughtJM Bairstow02v Sri LankaLeeds19 May 2016
BKG MendiscaughtJM Bairstow02