Tencent announce PUBG Mobile 2.2 update: Release date and time for all regions revealed

Based on the statement, the update is set to be released on 13 September.

Abhishek SandikarAuthor

Updated - 13 September 2022 04:16 PM


PUBG Mobile tends the bring out major updates every two months. Hence after the successful conclusion of the ongoing 2.1 update, Tencent presents gamers with the 2.2 version in September. After the 30-day beta testing period, this will be PUBG Mobile's fifth major update in 2022. 

The developers of the game recently posted the release date for the update on their official Discord server. Based on the statement, the update will be released on 13 September. The release dates for the upcoming 2.2 update are as follows:

  • Vietnam: 13 September, 4:30 pm

  • Taiwan: 14 September, 3:00 pm

  • Korea and Japan: 14 September, 7:30 am

  • Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey: 14 September, 7:00 am (partly)

Tencent Games recently released the patch notes for the 2.2 updates. Based on the patch notes, the September update will be bringing a plethora of new features that add variety to the battle royale experience. 

Check the top features that PUBG Mobile players can experience in the upcoming 2.2 updates:

  • New 1x1 map - Nusa (along with Special Recall, Zipline, Lift, New weapon — NS2000 Shotgun, and many other features). A new Vehicle Quad (favourable for traversing bumpy areas, but it will only seat two passengers) will also be added.  
  •   Erangel update - New weather (Rainbow), Flash Shop, re-introduction of Mountain bike, new bike parking system, structural updates in different regions (like Mylta Power, Pochinki, Ferry Pier, and Hospital), Working Gas Station, and Targeted Supply Chest.  
  •   New Halloween mode, along with a Halloween theme.  
  •   UI upgrade.  
  •   New mode - Gear Front.  
  •   New crossbow (can repair ziplines with ropes and burn houses with fire arrows).  
  •   New European-themed area - Strange town (themed mode in Ranked Erangel).  
  •   Voice-to-text in-match chat.  
  •   Changes to weapons DMRs like SKS and Mini 14, as well as improvements in air-drop weapons like AUG A3 and MK14.  
  •   Knockout effect.  
  •   A new merit system.  
  •   Month 15 Royale Pass.  
  •   Cycle 3 Season 8.   


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