Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

It's hard to think of a more vindicated figure in the world of Boxing right now than Terence Crawford. 'Bud' unified four titles following his domination of Errol Spence, proving now without a shadow of a doubt that he is pound-for-pound one of the best boxers in the world. The fight against Errol Spence was so one-sided it even left those who expected Crawford to win surprised. Taking the opportunity during the post-fight press conference, ‘Bud’ called out the media for their past narratives around his career and implored them to finally give him his due credit.

For years boxing fans and pundits were discussing the possibility of a Spence vs Crawford fight, and the media were lapping up the story. Something Crawford took issue with in particular and called out during his rant to the journalists at the press conference was the media’s seeming insistence that he would fail at the next fight, the next hurdle. The boxer declared that he had surpassed every challenge the media had set him and that now it was time to stop the narrative once and for all and give him his due respect as part of this generation’s Boxing royalty.

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The 36-year-old said, “I've been telling each and every one of you for years. A lot of ya'll over here looking sad, Elie you looking like a r*****ed a** dude over there because you were going against me. But, all in all, I get to say I told ya'll, because I've been asking for these fights for years and ya'll been saying 'he's too small, he's gonna get this, he's gonna get broken'. And each and every time I step up I prove ya'll wrong.So, write some great stories on Terence Crawford, don't hate on him, don't say anything negative, just give me my props.”

Jaron Ennis fight looms in Crawford’s future

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis is the IBF mandatory challenger for undisputed welterweight champion Terence Crawford. It is expected that Crawford is most likely going to have a rematch against Spence in December at 154, and if Bud chooses to keep his belt then he will have to face off against Boots.

If Crawford decides to vacate the belt, he will avoid a fight with Ennis, who has a career record of 31-0 with 28 KOs. As of now, the champion has not revealed his future plans though he did state that whether or not he and Spence have a rematch is up to Spence. Any potential rematch will be in December as part of a rematch clause in their fight contract.