Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League is undoubtedly one of the most talented players this tournament has given name and fame to. Starting off his first-class cricketing career at the age of 17, Sanju is one of the future superstars that Indian cricket has got lately. Leading Rajasthan Royals from the front, Sanju is called the successor of MS Dhoni, owing to his wicket keeping skills and calm demeanour . However, recently Samson opened up about how being collected and not reacting while taking catches has impacted the player’s screen time. 

During a recent funny interview with one of the broadcasters, Sanju revealed how the camera got acquainted with his calm behaviour that even when he finally gave an aggressive reaction after taking a catch in Mumbai, the camera moved away from him. 

“When you take a catch, the camera stays on the player for a couple of seconds. I have noticed the camera never stays on me. They must have kept the camera on me for the first few years hoping there would be some reaction, I had taken a great catch in Mumbai, and for the first time I reacted and celebrated,” he said. 

Recalling the funny incident, he added, “I went back after the game to watch the highlights and I was hoping the camera would be on me. As soon as I took the catch, the camera moved away from me.”

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Samson has been under scanner after his four-ball-duck in Rajasthan’s last clash. His side will now go head-to-head with MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings in front of the latter’s home crowd on April 12, Wednesday.