The Hundred: Manchester Originals vs Northern Supercharges - Toss Prediction, Match Prediction, Powerplay Score & More

We present you with a detailed stats-based article ahead of this clash between Northern Superchargers and Manchester Originals.

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Updated - 04 August 2022 06:18 PM


After the entertaining first two games of The Hundred, cricketing fans gear up for the clash between Manchester Originals and Northern Supercharges. The two sides will lock horns at Old Trafford, Manchester. In the previous season, when both teams played each other, Invincibles edged out with a two-wicket win. But if you want to have an edge in predictions from this match, SportsTiger presents you with a detailed stats-based article.

Toss Prediction

Both teams have a similar toss record in the last five games but still, the Manchester Originals have a slight edge as they have won the previous two tosses in the 2021 season. 

Win Possibility

The Northern Superchargers have a better chance to win this fixture as they have an incredibly experienced team with global superstars. Whereas the Manchester Originals don't boast of similar firepower as they have a decent stock of English players which could be the difference in the fixture. 

Team of the Day

Like mentioned before, the Northern Superchargers have a better team in this fixture as they continue their great run of form from the last season. Hence this year, they have put together a team with top-quality players and veteran experience which gives them an edge over the Manchester Originals. 

Powerplay Score

Looking at last year’s numbers, Manchester Originals have a slight edge over the Northern Superchargers as they scored 30.57 runs. Whereas the Superchargers had the second-worst record in the league with a score of 29.29. Hence the score in the powerplay could be 30.

Average Score:

The average first innings total from 2021 Hundred at the Old Trafford in Manchester is 114.5. The team batting first has managed to win the game in over 50 per cent occasion. Hence the score could be between 110-120.

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