The Northern Superchargers and Trent Rockets go head to head in the seventh game in the 2022 season of the Hundred. Both teams have looked great this year as they won their respective first games of the tournament. 

The Superchargers took down the Manchester Originals in a six-wicket win, whereas the Rockets also registered a six-wicket victory against the Birmingham Phoenix at the Trent Bridge Stadium. Now talking about the Superchargers - Rockets match, here is the prediction of what could happen in this fixture and who will eventually emerge as a winner.

Toss Prediction

The Northern Superchargers have a better chance to win the toss as they have a better record over the last five tosses in comparison to the Trent Rockets. 

Win Possibility

The Trent Rockets have a better chance to win this fixture as they have exciting stars like Rashid Khan, Alex Hales, Dawid Malan and Marchant de Lange in comparison to the Northern Superchargers. 

Team of the Day

As mentioned earlier, Trent Rockets have the better team with young and exciting players and with some established veteran stars. They have one of the top bowlers in world cricket in Rashid Khan along with English stars like Alex Hales, Dawid Malan and Joe Root. 

Powerplay Score

The Rockets scored 47 runs in the powerplay of their previous match while the Superchargers put up 45 runs. With the match being played at the Headingly, one of the highest run-scoring grounds in the tournament, the score in the powerplay could be between 45-50. 

Average Score

With both teams scoring big runs in their respective first games, this match could be another run-fest. The average score from last year at Headingly was 160.7, hence the first innings sore could be between 155-165. 

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