The Hundred: Oval Invincibles vs Northern Superchargers - Toss Prediction, Match Prediction, Powerplay Score and More

Before the two sides lock horns at the Oval tomorrow, here is what the numbers suggest could happen in this match.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 11 August 2022 12:25 PM


The Oval Invincibles and the Northern Superchargers will face off in match number 9 of The Hundred Men's Cricket competition on Thursday. Both the teams have played a couple of matches in the season so far and have won 1 match and lost the other. Before the two sides lock horns at the Oval tomorrow, here is what the numbers suggest could happen in this match.

1. Toss Prediction

Oval Invincibles have so far won 1 toss and lost the other in the 2022 edition of the Hundred. On the other hand, Northern Superchargers too have won 1 toss and lost the other. However while Oval Invincibles lost each of their last 3 tosses in 2021 and Northern Superchargers lost 2 and won 1, and are predicted to win the toss this year.

2. Win Possibility

This is set to be a close game. Although it was the Northern Superchargers who won the face-off between the two sides last season, overall it was the Oval Invincibles team who did marginally better than the Superchargers. This year too Invincibles are ranked higher than Superchargers in the points table owing to a better net run rate. So predicting, Oval Invincibles to win the match.

3. Team of the Day

Oval Invincibles are the Team of the day. They have been the more consistent team than the two and that should give them edge heading into this contest.

4. Powerplay Score (25 balls)

The Superchargers have managed an average score of 40 runs in the powerplay this season. On the other hand, Invincibles have a mean score of 25 in the powerplay. So expecting Northern Superchargers to score over 35 while Oval Invincibles could end up with fewer runs than in the first 25 balls.

5. Average Score

151.14 is the average first innings score in The Hundred Men's Cricket Competition so far. 171 was the first innings total registered in the only match that has been played at this venue in this edition.

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