Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

OnlyFans model and former golfer Paige Spiranac took to Instagram for a Q&A session recently. The social media sensation who has been in a lot of news during the course of The Open Championships was countered by a question which read, “Do you other pro golfers/golf courses treat you differently or rudely since OP?”

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While answering the question of a fan dressed in a white shirt, flaunting the cleavage, the model-turned influencer claimed that golfers “judge” her for her sexualised content that is posted online.  Paige said, “I would say that there hasn’t been much of a change (since she launched OnlyPaige). I think when I first came out with it people were interested and a little bit confused on what OP would be, although I have some very fun and sexy content, there is no nudity and I will never for any nudity.”

paige spiranac pro golfers Adding further to it, she continued, “So yes and no. But I feel the answer is they’ve always judged me so harshly and OP is a safe place for me to create the content I want to create.”

Paige, who is close to reaching four million on Instagram also vouched to share some golf knowledge with tournaments coming ahead.

Finish position: Paige Spiranac picks her favourite place in the golf course

While answering the Q&A session, the OnlyFans model also revealed her favourite position in the golf course. The place which is often known to be of the utmost importance. She added, “There is nothing better than a nice finish.”

“Most people don’t hold their finish long enough and there is nothing better than piercing a shot and looking at the golf ball,” she concluded.

  paige spiranac gol position To achieve a proper finish in golf, one should form a rectangle with a slight downward slant to ground with left-upper arm, forearm and clubshaft to start for the final shot.