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Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle schooled a Pakistani fan for trolling the Indian cricket team. The fan posted a video of India’s batting during the first Test match of the 2020-21 series against Australia in Adelaide. The Indian team had a horrible start to the series as they were all out for 36 - their lowest total ever in Test cricket. However, the Indian commentator and journalist schooled the fan and pointed out that India went on to win the series. 

The fan had posted the video and captioned it, "In case you're having a bad day, enjoy this India team humiliation by Australia.” Bhogle replied to the fan and suggested he should think big. Bhogle has been very vocal about his thoughts. This wasn’t the first time that he used social media to slam people and organisations. 

The 61-year-old replied to the fan’s tweet and said, “I am glad you put this out Farooq because it led to one of the greatest performances in Test history. This is a case study on how you convert adversity into match-winning performances through great courage, outstanding leadership, and self-belief.” He added, “When you have that pride, you find new heights. When you seek joy in someone else's adversity, you remain small and petty. So think big, think class, you might just find a wonderful world. Hopefully.” 

Bhogle slams  Indian finance company  for harassment

Earlier in the day, Harsha Bhogle slammed a leading Indian finance company for harassing his family over texts, messages, and even bot calls. Bhogle took to Twitter to lash out at Bajaj Insurance for harassing Bhogle and his family through SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, and bot-driven calls. 

He also went on to say that he will use any other life insurance plan but not theirs. He tweeted “I had sent many direct messages to @BajajAllianz because I try not to put things in the public domain. But we have been constantly harassed; through SMS-es, whatsapp messages, emails and particularly through bot-driven calls.”