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The Eastern Conference team Boston Celtics (64/18) are cruising towards one of their finest NBA seasons this year, finishing at the top in the points table with a whopping 780 points in 82 games. However, despite being the favorites to hold the NBA title, former Basketball player  Shaquille O’Neal  has ruled out the chances of Celtics groups to become the champions. 

Celtics, who clinched their playoff round 1 game against the eighth-seeded Miami Heat by 114-94 are cruising towards the historic season win after falling short in the 2022 finals and the seventh game of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals. On Sunday, at TD Garden, Celtics’ Jayson Tatum scored a massive 23 points which was complemented by Derrick White’s 20 points to earn a lead on Heat in the round 1. 

Despite the sensational show by the Celtics, Shaq is suspicious of their chances considering their past results and their tendency to not shoot the ball well on certain occasions. Hosting on TNT, Shaq said, “The Celtics have times where they don’t shoot the ball well and they settle and they can’t be beaten. This is why I think they will not be the champions.”

Charles Barkley left stunned by getting himself wrong in games played by him

Former American basketball player  Charles Barkley  gave a wrong answer to a question of how many NBA games “the Bread Truck” has played in his career. On asking the question, Barkley spontaneously gave his answer from the given four options. 

He instantly replied 976 which eventually was the wrong answer as the host mentioned the correct answer was 1073 games. On getting himself wrong with the answer, the 61-year-old was left stunned.