Tiger Woods has been a part of multiple US Open championships over the years winning three championships, however, the 47-year-old Woods has withdrawn from the US Open 2023. The USGA announced the 84 players currently on the field for next month's major championship at Los Angeles Country Club, and Tiger Woods is not among them as he is recovering from his leg injury. The US Open will take place from June 15 to June 18 in Los Angeles.

Woods underwent surgery in April to address post-traumatic arthritis in his right ankle that was caused by injuries suffered in a February 2021 car wreck. The four-time PGA Championship winner played at the Masters before the surgery, making the cut before withdrawing due to injury, but missed the PGA Championship this past week. His return is still not certain as he continues to recover from major surgery.

The three-time US Open champion has been injury plagued all through his career as he has battled through back problems and knee problems. Woods had to go through a microdiscectomy surgery for a second time in 2015.

A surgeon commented on Woods' leg surgery after saying it is unlikely the golf great will ever play as he did in his prime. The surgeon stated, "Can he play golf well again? Depends on your definition of well. He'll never be the Tiger of 2000 or even 2015. The fact that this is his right foot/ankle is the saving grace, as you need motion in your left foot/ankle as you roll over it near impact."

Woods has accepted his fate and is fine with the fact that it won’t be the same again. The legend will look to return at the Open Championship later this year or at the Augusta National in 2024.