TSM disqualified from COD Mobile World Championship 2021

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championships finals are scheduled to take place later this year.

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Updated - 06 September 2021 05:07 PM


The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 has been going on a high since its inception. The participating clans as well as other gamers have been following the Championship closely right from the start. However in a shocking development, TSM-FTX, one of the most famous gaming clans have been disqualified from the North America Playoffs 2021. During the livestream of the Championship, Alex “Golden Boy” Mendez, who’s casting the championship mentioned that TSM were disqualified for ‘rules violation’, however the exact reason for their disqualification hasn’t been disclosed by the officials.

A few days back, TSM shared their roster, upon being declared as the runners-up of the COD Mobile Masters tournament. The upcoming North America playoffs of the World Championship would’ve been their first official tournament. The disqualification of TSM has come as a striking shock, given that the clan is debarred at stage 4 of the COD World Championship.

Who won the COD Mobile World Championship 2021 North America playoffs?

The two clans which finally made it to the COD World Championship Finals 2021 were- ARP Gaming and NYSL Mayhem. The grand finale between the two was a neck to neck fight as both the sides fought hard to secure the 1st place in the World Championship. NYSL came up from the lower bracket to stun their opponents in a 3-0 whitewash, which made ARP’s comeback look difficult. However, with ARP’s upper bracket advantage, they had one more game to compete.

In the final match, which is called the grand final reset, ARP were able to make the much needed comeback and win the Championship. From the winning side, ARP Pepe was the MVP of the event with 317 frags.

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championships finals will be played in the LAN-style play and is scheduled to take place later this year. This Championship will see the top 16 teams globally, competing against each other for a $2 million prize pool along with the trophy. The Indian teams that have made it to the COD Mobile World Championship finals 2021 are Team IND, Revenant Esports and Vitality.


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