streamer mira

Twitch star Mira has suffered her second ban in 2022 on the streaming platform over the last few days. Addressing this ban, the streamer believes the reason behind the ban was her clothing, which was deemed to be too revealing by Twitch and hence the ban ‘discriminates’ against female bodies.

Mira was banned back in March for an unconfirmed reason, but she stated that the decision was taken because she is Russian and so “was born in the wrong country.” Her account was suspended on December 19, but she hasn’t shown the ban notification from Twitch, which is the only way to confirm the reason behind her ban.

She clarified that one of the biggest reasons for this decision was her “nipples”, which were visible through her dress. This violates Twitch’s nudity and attire rules, which specifically state: “We do not permit the visible outline of genitals, even when covered” and “For those who present as women, we ask that you cover your nipples.”

This current ban is similar to a previous suspension in October 2021 for nudity rules. Then Mira criticized the ban by calling Twitch holding a “double standard.” Similarly, Mira has again criticized Twitch’s decision, arguing that it “is re-enforcing misogynistic system discriminating women’s bodies.”

Mira said: “If men are allowed to have nipples poke through a shirt, then women should be too. If I choose to wear socially appropriate clothing without underwear for comfort, @Twitch staff shouldn’t ban my channel for it.”