sportstiger runout

In the cricketing world, run-outs can be among the worst methods to get out as they often bring out some hilarious moments. Over there have been some uproarious runouts and now a new contender for this list has been making rounds on the internet. 

This video comes from a club game where the batter is on strike hits the ball towards long-off and immediately goes for a run. But after completing the single, he leaves his partner stranded in the middle as he denies the double. Disgruntled by this call, the non-striker is seen  venting his anger in the middle of the pitch. 

But hilariously as the dejected batter walked away, the keeper who received the ball for the run-out held it over the stumps. Luckily, the wicketkeeper started celebrating but never took off the bail allowing the batter to make his ground. As the batter was safe everyone on the field was holding their stomachs laughing at this hilarious moment.

Watch the video here:

Like the players, social media users were also laughing uproariously reacting to this clip. Check out some of these reactions here: