Joe Pyfer

Joe Pyfer

Joe Pyfer, the American UFC fighter, experienced poverty and his father's maltreatment of his four sisters as he grew up in a chaotic household. Only Pyfer's closest friends, including Chandler Henry, who later became a film director, realised how horrible his childhood really was. The 26-year old had run away from his home multiple times as a child. The UFC middleweight performer wasn't first sure about doing a documentary about his life, but Henry insisted on it as he started to succeed in his fighting career.

As one of Joe Pyfer’s closest friends since high school, Chandler Henry had witnessed the ups and downs in his life closely. So, once the UFC athlete decided to participate in the documentary, it was initially challenging for him to talk on camera about his recollections of being abused as a youngster.

“Initially it was hard because I hadn’t fully forgiven my parents and the situation, as I was holding on to a lot of anger with it,” Pyfer opened up about his tough childhood.

“But, the older I have gotten, the past three or four years, I have forgiven them and don’t have any anger attached to them,” stated the UFC fighter.

The documentary received great reception from the viewers as they were seen giving it a standing ovation by the end of it.

Furthermore, Joe Pyfer claims that this documentary proves that he is a winner no matter what happens in his career, despite the fact that he is just 2-0 in the UFC. The 26-year-old American claims that his career is a success even if he doesn't win the title, but he does believe that a second instalment of the documentary about him winning the title would make for excellent television.