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Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav opened up on skipper Rohit Sharma’s hilarious one-liners on the field. The Indian skipper is known for his epic and funny liners on the field and comes up with unique and humorous antics during matches. The Indian opener has been time and heard scolding players in his typical Mumbai slang, which has gone viral on social media. Recently, Yadav opened up about the same and talked about the impact that Sharma has had on his career. 

Yadav was in an interview with Indian Express, “We have a great connection, we move around a lot together, we share personal stuff. So our bonding has been great. And the stuff he says on the field, no one minds. We have that relationship. Jo bhi voh bolte hain, humare liye pyaar hai unka (it's his love for us).” 

Kuldeep Yadav speaks about Rohit Sharma’s impact on his career

The Indian spinner spoke about Rohit Sharma's impact on his career. Yadav said, “He was there at NCA when I was there rehabbing and then bowling. He had actually wanted me to incorporate some of the changes I was doing much earlier in fact. He would say when I stand at slip I feel the batsmen have enough time to play you off the pitch, that I need to get more energy through the action, and that the batsman should not get time to play me.” 

The 29-year-old added, “If he thinks he can get onto the backfoot to play me off the pitch, the ball should rush to hit the stumps or the pad. What he had thought in the past, I was now doing.” Speaking about how Sharma supports him, Yadav said, “We have reached that stage where he is focusing on my batting now, he talks a lot to me in nets and even told me after the Test series what I can work on in the break now. I feel lucky he is there.”