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The co-hosting rights for the 2024 edition of the T20 World Cup are set to be taken away from the USA as per multiple media reports . The US was set to partner with West Indies Cricket Board to host the marquee tournament. In this process, USA cricket was given the direct qualification for the tournament as a host nation, which was also set to be a first for an associate country. 

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But as per recent developments reported by News18 CricketNext, sources from ICC have affirmed that West Indies will be the singular host of the T20 World Cup 2024. The source reasoned that the USA doesn’t have an elected cricketing body in place nor a decent first-class structure and hence will be stripped of the hosting rights of the World Cup.

The ICC sources quoted by News18 said, “For jointly hosted World Cups we often contract with the Full Member (FM) as the host who is fully responsible for the delivery of the Event. The FM would then have a staging agreement with the relevant Members to ensure the successful staging of World Cup matches in other countries. In this case, Cricket West Indies have been contracted as World Cup hosts." 

Further in the report, the source expressed surprise by ICC’s decision to give the USA the hosting rights. The source also questioned ICC to consider cricketing governing bodies like Nepal and other African nations as possible hosts for future tournaments.

“What I can’t understand is, why is the ICC so bent on “developing" a sport in a country that is the leading first-world nation on the planet and can afford to fend for itself? On top of that, the US neither has an elected body in place nor does it have a decent First Class culture. So what’s the hurry to take the World Cup there? Why can’t the ICC put that much emphasis on developing cricket in Nepal or any of the African nations that truly follow and play the sport? One must ask the ICC to explain their “love" for America," the source further said.

The report further spoke about Ricky Skerritt, who played a major role in the USA’s bid of receiving a nomination as co-host for the 2024 T20 World Cup. Skerritt is set to be replaced by Pankaj Khimji from Oman in the ICC nominations committee. Khimji is also a member director of the Associate Nations in the ICC.

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