Ever since Valorant posted a trailer for Oni 2.0 skin collection in Valorant, speculations from leakers and data miners are on the rise. Valorant players have been expressing their excitement on social media, confirming the growing excitement for Oni 2.0 bundle. 

Let’s look at the available information in regards to Oni 2.0 bundle in Valorant and the possible weapons and melee it could contain when it releases.

In the official tweet, the artwork shows four blades buried in the ground beneath a cherry blossom tree. In the background, one can see the sun shining bright. The Alt description for the image on Twitter claimed that ‘a hilltop under a Sakura tree holds a collection of four sheathed swords arranged around a Japanese style mask, backlit by the sun.’

"There are tendril of green smoke emanating from the mask’s eyes and wrapping around of the swords. The scene is presented in a classic painted style with heavy visible strokes,” read the tweet.

The Japanese masks are also called Oni masks and they depict red-faced Japanese demons. The Oni demons are believed to war off evil spirits and protect their users from harm’s way. Meanwhile, ValorLeaks has claimed that ‘next Bundle is Oni 2.0.’ “It will contain a vandal and a katana as the melee,” read ValorLeaks’ tweet.

Additionally, ValorLeaks claimed that each weapon in the bundle will have the original four variants from the old Oni bundle and the melee weapons will also have the same variants.