Like every industry today, the world of sports media and journalism is constantly evolving. To understand and explain this ever-changing field, the Head of SportsTiger, Vedant Sharma, delivered an insightful speech at one of India’s prestigious business schools, the International Institute of Sports Management, Mumbai. 

In his address, Vedant opened up about how the different aspects of journalism work in tandem to build a solid sports media product in an extremely competitive industry. The product needs all the various aspects like live reporting, news, anchoring and social media to put forth what the creator wants to convey in the new age of technology-driven media. 

Along with these technical components, any respectable sports media product is built on its newsworthiness, which refers to the importance of covering a specific topic. Newsworthiness is based on the balance of what the users demand and what you as a content creator want to present. This factor can be extremely crucial as there can be times when one may be pushed to put forth content which may not adhere to your editorial guidelines.

Here, you as the content creator must take charge of what you are putting out and many times may have to face circumstances of presenting content which may seem unpopular and lead to less viewership. These calls will help you and your product grow and develop into a trustworthy source for your reader. 

To conclude this masterclass, Vedant Sharma reiterated the importance of social media as a mode of presenting your content. Different social networking sites demand a different type of approach towards content. Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, each of these platforms have its own strength, so you as a creator must be able to mold your content to fit these various specifications. 

This can help your platform grow exponentially. But, while sharing content across multiple channels, one must be able to capture the identity of the product so the users are not only following the content but are expecting ‘your’ specific content across various platforms.