Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Emotion is central to the world of sports. Quite often one has witnessed, emotion get the better of the biggest of world's sporting heroes. More often than not, there are emotional responses by the fans as well, hailing their heroes for victories but quickly turning them into villains when the result hasn't gone their way. The responses to both victories and defeats have been extreme at times as fans find it hard to deal with their emotions.

A touching video of two football fans is now doing the rounds on internet. While there are hundreds and thousands of fans who get to see the match live, the video depicts a fan narrating the incident of the match to his blind friend present at the stadium. What makes the video special are the expressions of the visually impaired person reacting to the key moments of the match as his friend explains what has just happened.

Watch the soul-stirring video here:

When fans turned violent

There have been instances, where the fans have even started going violent inside the stadiums forcing the match to be stopped. The most infamous incident happened in the 1996 ICC Cricket World Cup semifinal match between India and Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. After "God of Cricket" Sachin Tendulkar departed, the Indian batting suffered a rather remarkable collapse from 98/2 to 120/8 in a matter of a few overs. Chasing 252 to secure a place in the finals, it became certain that Sri Lanka had sealed the game.

However, the home crowd could not digest the team's poor performance and vented out their frustration by throwing bottles on the ground and even setting fire to the seats in the stands. Play had to be called off and Sri Lanka were declared winners.