A group of traditional healers in Peru were captured in a viral video performing some rituals to neutralize Brazilian star Neymar before they faced Brazil in the World Cup qualifier on Wednesday, September 13. Brazil eventually won 1-0 with a goal from Marquinhos and an assist from Neymar. 

Dressed in colourful ponchos, a group of Peruvian shamans tie up an effigy of Neymar as they seek to “neutralize” him ahead of the game.  The group of traditional healers from the jungle, mountains, and coastal areas called on “Tayta Inti” (Father Sun) to help the Peruvian football team get a vital win. 


“We have neutralized Neymar by tying his feet. We tied him up so that he is not in good shape, and doesn't run and play well,” Shaman Felix Rondan had told the reporters.

The shamans blew into a conch shell as they carried out the ritual outside the national stadium, where they erected a colourful altar with swords, amulets, flags, and photos of players from both teams.  Earlier, they took ayahuasca -- the powerful hallucinogenic concoction said to open the door to the spirit world. Neymar did not have his best game in the hostile Lima environment, and the Peruvians must have thought they had succeeded in their plans when the 31-year-old forward missed a great chance to put Brazil ahead of the half-time break.  

As the Peruvians neared a famous draw against the mighty Brazil, they were heartbroken as Marquinhos turned in Neymar’s corner on the stroke of 90 minutes.  The win puts Brazil back on top of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying table, level on points with rival Argentina, but ahead on goal difference.