ramiz raja umar akmal st

Former Pakistan Cricket Board chief Ramiz Raja feels explosive batter Umran Akmal is a ‘wasted talent’ while praising the latter’s incredible 43 runs off 14 deliveries for Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League encounter against Islamabad United. Notably, Akmal was in tremendous form in that match as he batted with a superb strike rate of 307.14, illustrated with five sixes and two boundaries.

“Ukmal Akmal’s story is a literal definition of great talent but wasted talent, unfortunately. However, there is a lesson for all the players, if you are not disciplined and if you cannot zip your mouth while playing, then there is a larger probability that you will be at the receiving end of injustice – quite an unfortunate scenario,” Raja was quoted by Cricket Pakistan.

Former Pakistan skipper further admitted that Umar Akmal was one of his favourite players when he started cricket. “We all saw a glimpse of his talent today. He destroyed Islamabad United’s finest bowling attack,” Mr Raja added. He further said that he does not know what the future holds for him but hoped for Akmal to get over his fitness issues to have a better chance in the PSL.

“I am not sure what the future holds for him – will he be able to become an asset for us or not, but in today’s date, there is no bigger match-winner than Umar Akmal in Pakistan – playing at 6 or 7,” Mr Raja added.

“There have been fitness issues with him, but there is a discipline problem as well. You are supposed to play cricket with blinkers on; once you quit playing cricket, you are free to give any kind of opinion. He needs to control his quarrelling attitude,” he concluded.