Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Star batter and former Royal Challengers Bangalore captain, Virat Kohli is known as one of the fittest players in the world. The kind of dedication and discipline he has towards the game is commendable, and he doesn’t let anything compromise with it, not even his food. One of the best batters in the world, Kohli is another synonym of fitness and has brought revolution in Indian cricket by setting another benchmark through the ‘Yo-Yo test’. 

Former Indian captain, Kohli, recently opened up on his diet and the kind of food he intakes to be in shape. In an interview, he said that most of his food is plain, boiled and steamed without any spices. A video has been doing rounds on social media, where the legendary batter can be seen saying that he isn’t a food fanatic, and the taste of the food doesn’t bother him at all. 

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He said, “90 percent of my food is all steamed, boiled. No masala. Salt and pepper, lime, that’s how I eat. I am not a big fanatic about the taste of food, I don’t care about the taste. Salads I enjoy with a bit of dressing. Pan-grilled good with a bit of olive oil or whatever. No curries, I only eat daal (lentils). I would eat rajma and lobia as a Punjabi can’t skip it. I would eat daal (lentils) but no masala curries."

Virat Kohli has hardly missed out on any games in the past due to injury, and it is clear proof of how fit he is. However, the Delhi-born player has time and again said that he wasn’t this dedicated since the beginning and turned partial vegetarian a few years ago. Meanwhile, in the recent season of the Indian Premier League, the player can be seen leading the Royal Challengers Bangalore team and has hammered 333 runs in eight innings with an average of 47.57, including fife fifties.