Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Cricket fans have, time and again, engaged in several debates, and one of them is which cricketer holds the title of the ‘best finisher’. Over the years, two names have emerged at the top of the list, the Indian cricketing icon Mahendra Singh Dhoni and South Africa great AB de Villiers. Bringing the ongoing debates to an end, ABD has now announced his verdict on the same.

The former South African maestro picked the ‘best finisher’ during a Q&A session on his YouTube channel. He was asked to name the best finisher of all time, to which the former cricketer said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the best finisher in the world. The 39-year-old then went on to heap praise on the Indian cricketing legend and recalled his ICC World Cup 2011 winning shot.

De Villiers said, “I would say definitely MS Dhoni. I love watching him play. The things he has pulled off in the past… I think of that 2011 World Cup - hitting that straight six to win the World Cup. That will be engraved in my mind forever. MS has done it so many times in all formats of the game.”

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The former Royal Challengers Bangalore cricketer went on to say, "There’s always been a big debate over who’s the best finisher - me or him? We can settle it now - I say MS is the best finisher. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due. For CSK in the T20s and IPL and for India in all formats of the game - just a fantastic person, just a fantastic man. A great role model for all cricket players around the world.”

The former South African cricketer called it quits on his international career in 2018 and left all formats of the game in 2021. On the other hand, former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni drew curtains on his international career in 2020. The 42-year-old continues to lead Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.