Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

AnEsonGib is preparing for his semi-final fight against Jarvis is set for Saturday evening, and the enthusiastic content creator had a lot to say during a recent interview ahead of the fight with All Out Fightin g. The Saudi Arabian fighter also responded to British influencer KSI dissing him as a ‘4-figure gibber’ (implying AnEsonGib fights for 4-figure payments, which is a fraction of what massive content creators like KSI make per exhibition fight) by saying he was the best-paid fighter in the entire competition.

The YouTube fighters, AnEsonGib and Jarvis Khattri will settle a longstanding feud on Saturday in the semi-finals of Kingpyn Boxing’s High Stakes Tournament. AnEsonGib is confident that he will dominate the match, which is hosted in Dublin. In the interview with All Out Fighting, the 27-year-old said he is the best fighter in the tournament and that he is going to dominate the competition.

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Apart from responding to KSI, Gib also said that his fight against Jarvis is "nothing personal" and that he will beat him and win the tournament, adding that Jarvis has "never been my friend." As for why he will dominate, the energetic fighter said, "I’m too technical. I’m gonna teach him a lesson. I’m gonna hit him hard."

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On the other hand, Jarvis said, "I'm sure he's gonna tweak up compared to the last fight. I'm going to show off my power on Saturday. He's done a good job of promoting the seven-figure Gibber but after Saturday we are going to knock some numbers off of that. I will prove him wrong and that's what I've been doing this whole year."

Semi-Finals will start around 2 am IST

The semi-finals will kick off early Sunday at 2 am for Indian fans and will be a pay-per-view event on DAZN as an exclusive.  The fight between AnEsonGib and Jarvis comes following the pair’s stoppage time wins against their quarter-final opponents. For the other semi-final game, Brazilian star Whinderrson Nunes will take on Beta Squad’s King Kenny.