Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Formula 2 racer Arthur Leclerc got into an argument with his brother, and Formula 1 racer, Charles Leclerc. Charles is enjoying some time off as F1 is on a one-month break, and the Ferrari driver chose to do some online racing with his younger brother. However, while competing in the race, Charles had to face the anger of Arthur due to his driving technique. Not only this, but the 25-year-old was also labelled Kevin Magnussen by his brother. 

In a video doing rounds on social media, the two Leclerc siblings seemed to be enjoying their online race, until Charles got into the way of his brother. Due to this, Arthur was pushed off the race, leaving the DAMS racer fuming with anger. Despite Charles’ defence, Arthur started arguing with him, and ended up labelling him Kevin Magnussen. 

In the race, Arthur got angry at Charles and said that he pushed him off the court. Despite Charles’ defence on accusation, Arthur got into an argument with him and said that things like this cannot be done in real racing. The 22-year-old ended the conversation by telling his brother, “Yeah, Magnussen, like Magnussen.”

Here's the video: 

Notably, a few years ago, the Ferrari driver had called Magnussen stupid as he had come in the way of Leclerc at the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix. It damaged Charles’ front wing and the Haas racer also suffered a puncture. After the incident, the 2016 GP3 Series championship winner declared his rival stupid on the radio. He said, “Magnussen is, and will always be, stupid. It’s a fact. A shame.”

Notably, the elder Leclerc is yet to win his first race since his win at the Australia Grand Prix 2022.