WATCH: Belarusian footballer proposes girlfriend after goal, security guard mistakes latter as pitch invader and pushes her away

With the victory against Volna Pinsk, Smorgon confirmed their promotion to the Belarusian Premier League for the next season.

Tanishq SharmaAuthor

Updated - 17 November 2022 05:38 PM


The club football has been paused in the most parts of the world as the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022 is approaching in few days. Ahead of the World Cup, a rare incident was recorded from Belarusian First League, where FC Smorgon's Vladislav Shubovich proposed her girlfriend after scoring a penalty against FC Volna Pinsk.

However, the proposal was interrupted by the security personnel, who mistook Shubovich's girlfriend as a pitch invader and pushed her away from the field.

Smorgon forward Matvey Dukso scored the opener against Volna Pinsk on Saturday in the 49th minute while Vladislav Shubovich scored a late winner with a penalty and ran towards his girlfriend, who was in the stands. As t he 22-year-old defender's partner entered the field, he got down on one knee and presented a ring towards his girlfriend, however, the security guard obstructed and shoved her back expecting her to be an ordinary pitch invader.

Shubovich immediately pushed the steward back while his teammates gathered around the security guard as things got out of hand. The referee quickly intervened and separated the players from the guard while the steward understood his mistake and moved aside.

Watch the video here:

On Saturday, Smorgon, who were relegated to the First League after finishing at the 15th spot in the Belarusian Premier League last season, defeated Volna Pinsk 2-0 at the Stadyen Junatstva in their final league game. With the victory in their final First League game, Smorgon confirmed their promotion to the Belarusian Premier League for the next season. 


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