Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

During the all-American clash on day 1 of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) Los Angeles, Ben “The Mountain” Shelton managed to pull off a miraculous winner against the world number 10 player, F rances “Big Foe” Tiafoe, on July 21, Friday. The 20-year-old showcased his natural talent and athleticism to make the impossible point seem possible, which left him and his opponent in stitches too.

UTS is known as an individual tennis league, which features eight players divided into two groups, playing round-robin matches to determine the semi-finalists, and then, the champion, in just three days.

Notably, the aforementioned moment occurred during the first quarter, when Frances Tifoe got a lucky net cord, which allowed him the chance to take an easy smash into the open court. Then, in a last ditch effort, Ben Shelton, squatted down while keeping his racquet in an upright position, to lob the ball over his opponent's head to win the magical point.

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The video of the moment was shared on the official Twitter account on UTS, wherein the crowd erupted after the winner was hit, leading to Shelton run towards the other side of the net to celebrate in the face of Tiafoe, who was stunned at what had happened. The caption on the tweet read, “This can’t be real. A MIRACLE FROM THE MOUNTAIN at #UTS. We are not worthy, @BenShelton.”

Watch the video here:

The match between “The Mountain” and “Big Foe” went into sudden death after the score line read 13-7, 8-15, 13-15, 16-10. Before the tie-breaker, Ben Shelton was quoted as saying, “95% instinct, 5% luck.” Frances Tiafoe managed to win the match in sudden death by 2-1. After his hard fought victory in Los Angeles, he said, “Some guys just can’t perform when them lights are bright.”