Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

There is certainly no thing on the field of cricket that Ben Stokes cannot do. He can bat, he can bowl and he also proved on Thursday that he can fly as well. As India were cruising towards a competitive total in the 4th T20I, the England all-rounder produced a heroic moment to put brakes to the innings of Men in Blue.

Is that a bird? No, that's Ben Stokes

It was the penultimate delivery of the 19th over as Mark Wood was bowling at some lethal pace. After failing to score in the previous two deliveries, Hardik managed to find bat to ball as the ball looked like going over the mid-off fielder. For a moment, Hardik would have thought that he had managed to hit a boundary but Ben Stokes had different plans. The England all-rounder threw himself up in the air, dived towards his left and plucked off a brilliant flying catch, much to the disbelief of everyone. Unfortunately, Pandya was dismissed at a score of 11.

Watch the video here:

The catch certainly would have made a difference of 5-10 runs as India put up a total of 185/8 after the end of first innings. It will be interesting to see if this Stokes' brilliance eventually turns out to be a match-winning moment or not.